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bright and shiny

March 11, 2009

Every once in awhile, the stars align and things work out perfectly (tbd). Tonight, it seems as though this applies to hair care. I caught a brief clip of a show on E! and was reminded of a hair care tip I had heard of before. One mustn’t wash one’s hair everyday, or even every other day. Some hair styles actually work better on 2nd or 3rd day hair.

 On the show, Robert Vetica’s book, Good to Great Hair, was plugged. Stylist to Salma Hayek and Debra Messing, among others; at some point in the book he describes the process that happens when you wash hair less often.  The hair gets a chance to let natural oils return, making hair look and feel healthier after about 6 weeks (NOT meaning 6 weeks without washing).  Of course, I haven’t read the book, but I think I’ll check it out and report back here. Girls with thin hair may be out of luck because I think the trick only works for thicker hair types.

My best friend has actually confessed several times to me that her secret to styling her hair was that she didn’t wash it every day. And she has absolutely gorgeous hair.

Now how are the stars aligning exactly? My goals as of late are in developing a better beauty routine, to be more environmentally conscious and to spend more wisely. So I have put together a list:

 Top Ten Eight Reasons to Shampoo Less:

  1. Hair will look better and be shinier
  2. Hair will be healthier and grow longer
  3. Puts less toxic chemicals from shampoo in environment
  4. Uses less plastic bottles to be thrown out recycled
  5. Saving water helps the environment
  6. Saving water helps the water bills
  7. Won’t need to buy shampoo as often
  8. Won’t need to buy expensive shampoo to have great hair

Okay so I couldn’t think of ten, but it didn’t feel necessary anyway.

The other idea I’ve been hearing a lot lately has been dry shampoo. I’ve tried this a few times with baby powder. Occasionally, I have touched up my not-so-clean-looking roots with face powder and even eyeshadow. They all work, but wouldn’t it be better to use a product meant for my hair?

I’m still in search for the right dry shampoo, but I recently found out that talc, a common ingredient in baby powder can cause cancer (it has also been found to cause suffocation in babies!) I’ll update after I’ve found the right one.

improve or lose!

March 11, 2009

Idk. But apparently the answer may hold the key to winning Monopoly.  As a kid, Monopoly was the game I always wanted to play– and occasionally made me cry.  I’ve always wondered why some people seem to be so good at a game based on chance. While its true that the game largely depends on the luck of the dice, strategy can help. At some point in time, I saved two links on Monopoly strategy (i am not embarrassed, so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to look…)

I don’t have the patience to read through all of the probabilities, but it basically says that jail is the #1 landed on space. So try to buy the Orange and Red spaces.  The other site recommends buying the light blue properties as the best bang for the buck. It also says “Improve or lose!” (hey, thats the title of this post). The three rules they suggest are BUY, TRADE and BUILD. Easy enough for me to win, right?

Moving on to reality, I fell in love. With a Monopoly board. Isn’t this the most beautiful board game you have ever seen?

Monopoly Premier Collector's Edition

Gilded details. In a wooden box. With a leather deed case. And a built in money drawer? You can buy it at

The greatest idea since sliced bread is surely My Monopoly, which lets the buyer design their own Monopoly board! You can personalize the whole game, naming the spaces, etc. Give it a looksy!

A final thought on Monopoly: I remember reading in a magazine (I’m going to guess ELLE), covergirl Mischa Barton described her Monopoly strategy as always buying Park Place and Boardwalk. I thought it was so glamorous at the time and elitist and wise. It seems as though times have changed as Barton has since been to real life jail and I don’t look up to Barton anymore. Although, she did rave about crème brûlée, so she can’t always be wrong.

i think i can, i think i can

March 11, 2009

As mentioned in the previous post, I have recently become obsessed with sweepstakes. While I’m still skeptical that I’ll win big (I need to work on my positive thinking skills) I found the cutest website featuring clothes, accessories, makeup and gadgets that I might actually win. The site is:

I’m really hoping to win this “ballet bag” (not really sure what that means…)

loves it

So wish me luck and I’ll wish you luck. If anyone out there does happen to win something, leave a comment por favor!

more reasons to love urban decay

March 10, 2009

As the theme of this blog will be all about doing better, for myself and the world (when possible) I decided to use my first entry for the betterment of animals. Now, I am not a member of PETA. I have to change the channel whenever they air those commercials with Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” But as of lately, I’ve been really into entering online contests. I came across a chance to win Urban Decay eyeliner in one of my sweepstakes sprees and I held on to the site:

For as queezy as I feel when I see those commercials, I would help animals if given the chance. The Caring Consumer website lets you search for companies that either do or don’t test on animals. You can find the search here:

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers by naming companies that do test on animals, but here are some notable ones that don’t:

Bath and Body Works
Bobbi Brown
The Body Shop
Bonne Belle
Bumble and Bumble
Burt’s Bees
(as if you didn’t know already)
Crabtree & Evelyn
Estée Lauder
Hard Candy
Hello Kitty
Paul Mitchell
Physician’s Formula
Urban Decay
wet n wild
Whole Foods Market
(365 House Brand)

So check out the website and see what detective work you can do?